Recent Question/Assignment

This assessment task provides students with an opportunity to apply concepts studied in-class to actual firm accounting practices and to obtain an in-depth understanding of a foreign country’s accounting regulations and practices. This task further aims to develop students’ writing, research, and critical thinking skills.
Students are required to select one publicly listed company from a country that has adopted IFRS, but not from Australia or China. A useful resource for students wanting to locate countries that currently use IFRS is provided by PWC. i have uploaded the file that contains the name of the countries that have adopted IFRS and i would like you guys to do my assignment on USA.
Students are to collect the most recent annual financial reports for their selected firm and then prepare a detailed report in which they:
? Describe the selected firm.
? Describe the national reporting and regulatory environment within which the selected firm operates.
? Select two specific accounting items from the firm’s accounts and discuss the extent to which the company consistently applies the relevant international accounting standards.
? Discuss whether and how the use of IFRS is enforced within your chosen country.
? Evaluate whether the firm’s accounts are comparable with their key global competitors.
Reports should be approximately 1,000 words in length and appropriately referenced.
i have also uploaded the file for the marking guide as well which needs to be followed and this assignment is very important for therefore i would expect a good job.