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Assessment Two: Presentation Element Covered in this Assessment:
1. Establish Risk Context
2. Identify risks
3. Analyse risks
4. Select and implement treatments
Task 1
Relating the case study from all of Assessment One for this subject - you are required to prepare and present a 10 - 15 minute presentation about your operations, risk management factors (such as Political, Economic, Technological, Social and Environmental) and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regarding Bizzy-Mart.
For this presentation, imagine that you are Shane (Store Manager of Chatswood Bizzy-Mart).
In this presentation you will need to:
a. Briefly explain and justify two risks you identified and analysed from Part One, Task 3. Include in your presentation, an explanation of the level of risk, likelihood of the risk occurring and impact or consequences if the risk occurs.
b. Outline your ACTION PLAN for implementing risk treatments for the identified risks (this will be the main part of your presentation).
PREPARATION REQUIRED: Complete and use for this part of your presentation the templates from Table 2 and Table 3. This will need to be displayed so that whilst you are discussing it during the presentation, your audience can visually preview this. Also, you will need to ensure that your Trainer/Assessor is given a copy of at least two (2) action plans (Table 2) for two different risks identified.
If you would like to make sure you are on-track for your presentation, show your completed Tables 2 and 3 to your Trainer/Assessor prior to the presentation day.
c. Explain how you will implement and monitor the above action plan.
d. Explain the documentation that is required for each identified risk.
e. Summarise your presentation with an evaluation of the risk management processes for Bizzy-Mart.
f. Make sure you discuss ‘duty of care’ within your presentation where applicable.
Make sure that you provide your Trainer/Assessor with copies of at least ten (10) MS PowerPoint slides that you have created. These form the evidence of your presentation and you will not be eligible for a competent grade if you have not supplied them.
For those risks that are High, Extreme or considered to be unacceptable, they need to be evaluated and specific action plans need to be developed to manage the risk appropriately.
Table 1: Risk Action Plan EXAMPLE
(Example of Risk Action Plan relating to a “Marquee Collapse” for an event)
Item 1
Risk Identified: Marquee Collapse
To ensure that the Marquee Installer completes an inspection checklist, submits it to the event organiser and to develop a procedure to have the marquee dismantled in the event of unacceptable wind speed, to ensure that the risk of collapse is acceptable.
1) Proposed
• Contact Marquee company and advise that they will need to complete it and submit it to the event organiser once the marquee is erected.
• Develop a procedure for dismantling of the Marquee in response to unacceptable wind speed.
2) Resource Requirements
• Time of Event Organiser
• Assess to computer
• Phone
3) Responsibilities
Responsibility of Event Organiser to contact Marquee Company, collect completed checklist from Installer, and to develop dismantling procedure. Marquee company to be contacted with regard to level of wind speed that is unacceptable.
4) Timing
• Procedure to be completed prior to event.
• Marquee company to be notified of checklist requirement one month prior to the event.
5) Reporting/Moni
• Event Organiser to remind Marquee Company of checklist requirement within seven days of the event.
• Completed checklist to be obtained from Installer immediately after erection of Marquee.
Table 2: Template of Risk Action Plan
Risk Identified:
1) Proposed Actions
2) Resource Requirements
3) Responsibilities
4) Timing
5) Reporting/Monitoring
Table 3: Risk Treatment Schedule and Plan
Compiled by:……..…….……….. Date…….……
Reviewed by:…………………….. Date……..……
Risk Possible
Options Preferred Options Risk Rating
Treatment Risk Rating
Treatment Cost/benef it Analysis A: Accept
B: Reject Person Responsible for
tion Time-table How will it be monitored
1 Marquee
ONLY) Not install
Have installer complete a checklist/inspecti on of the
Marquee once erected.
Ensure First Aid qualified personnel are employed at the event.
Obtain from the Installers a wind speed that once reached, the marquee must be taken down. 1. Have
installer complete a checklist/Ins pection of the
Marquee once erected.
2. Obtain from the
Installers a wind speed that once reached, the marquee must be taken down. 3 + D = M (Medium) 3 + E = L
(Low) A Event
_________ Immediate and on going as required. Event Organiser to advise Installers of
nt for checklist
to be
completed prior to event.
Checklist to be retained once completed by the event organiser.
Procedure for dismantlin g of
marquee to be developed based on wind speed
prior to event.
Assessment Two: MARKING GUIDE
Student Name :
Student ID Number:
Assessor Name:
Unit of competency (Title & Code): BSBRSK501A – Manage Risk
Date of Assessment:
The student has: Yes No Value Student Score
Task 1
(a) Explained and justified the two (2) risks identified and analysed from Part One.
Including explanation of the level of risk, likelihood of the risk occurring and impact or consequences if the risk occurs ?
(b) Outlined the ACTION PLAN for implementing risk treatments for the identified risks with completed Tables 2 and 3. ? ? /5
(c) Explained how to implement and monitor the above action plan. ? ? /5
(d) Explained the documentation that is required for each identified risk. ? ? /5
(e) Summarised the presentation with an evaluation of the risk management processes for Bizzy-Mart. ? ? /3
(f) Included remarks of ‘duty of care’ within the presentation where applicable ? ? /2
Total Marks /25 /25
The student’s performance was: ? Satisfactory ? Not Satisfactory
Feedback to Student:
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Verbal Questions to support PRESENTATION
If a student is required to prove further competency (comprehension) after the presentation; then, the Trainer/Assessor will ask the following clarify questions and determine from the students answer if they can prove competency.
Student name:
Assessor name:
Units of competency: BSBRSK501A – Manage Risk
Subject Title & Code:
Date of assessment:
Questions to be answered by the student: Satisfactory response
Yes No
Q1. Explain why it is important to analyse risks and in your answer explain what is involved when analysing risk. (e.g. assess likelihood of risks occurring).
Answer Summary:
Q2. Suggest how you should determine the most appropriate options for treating risks. What processes may be involved?
Answer Summary:
Q3. Explain the documentation required for risk management and how should this information be appropriately stored do you think? Answer Summary:
Q4. Why is it important to implement and monitor your action plan? What might this require?
Answer Summary:
Q5. Additional question:
Answer Summary:
The student’s underpinning kno wledge was: ? Satisfactory ? Not Satisfactory
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