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Research proposal
Why oversea student choose to study in Australia?
I. Topic (Literature review 10 pages)+ Introduction+Conclusion ( See the sample project)
- Personal interest
- Business significant
- Problem
- Opportunity ( brand, company, issues, industry )
- faces & figures
II. Research question ( 2-4 questions)
- Give explanations
- Working hypothesis
- If no SPSS use qualitative reseach
III. Research methology ( to answer research question) (have to collect data by yourself , cant copy from internet)
a. Research instruments (interview, quantities or quality)
-depth interview (where they from? Nationality?)
b. Sample size (25)
c. Sample approach (inter viewee: oversea students…………..)
d. Research location (at school, forum…………..)
e. schedule (Gantt chart)
f. Limitation (sample size, times, money)
g. Expected outcome
IV. Data Analysis and Drawing Implications
VI. Final Report: Writing up the project
Item Due date Weighting Length
Task 1: Project Proposal:
Your preliminary project proposal from HI6007 will need to be polished to reach the required standard before you can proceed to HI6008 the Capstone Project itself.
This check list will guide you on what is expected:
• What is your topic and what is its business significance?
• What questions will you research?
• What research methodologies will you deploy?
• What data will you collect?
• What data analysis will you do?
• What will be the steps in your project and what are the various target dates?
• Who is your primary mentor/supervisor?
• You will also need to attach a completed ethics checklist
This is an individual assignment.
Friday 4pm of Week 3
2-4 pages
Seminar Presentation
You may deliver a presentation on your project at a seminar either:
• at the beginning, (where you can ask for ideas)
• during, (where you report a work-in-progress), or
• at the end (where you describe you findings)
of your project.
This is an individual assignment.
At Seminars throughout the semester
10 minutes
Task 2: Project Literature Review:
This will consist of developing a comprehensive literature review chapter for the business research proposal. You will have to identify a business research topic, describe the literature on the research topic and provide hypotheses based on the literature for the research questions you have already defined in your research proposal in HI6007.
This is an individual assignment.
Friday 4pm of Week 6
8-12 pages excluding references
Task 3: Capstone Project Report
The final research report will consist of all items included in the final report template.
Friday 4pm of Week 14
All items of final report template completed.

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