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EIT Faculty of Health Sciences | MN/PG8.404/MHS8.424 Ass 3 Project Proposal 1
MN/PG8.404 Advanced Disease Management/MHS8.424 Integrated Disease Management
Assignment 3 – Project Proposal
Consider a chronic illness that is commonly seen in your service. Using the guide provided critically examine the service offered. Consider in your discussion the
engagement of services within a multidisciplinary health care team to include an integrated community and acute care service. Identify the service gaps within the
system and provide recommend ways to overcome them.
Refer to the guide provided below when developing your assignment
Key Component Maximum
Marking Criteria
Increasing marks for comprehensive, logical and systematic approach
1. Introduction
Identify disease process that will be
considered for this review
1. Identifies the disease process chosen
2. Discusses reasons for choice
3. Describes the epidemiology of the disease in context to location.
4. Outlines the aims and objectives of the review.
2. Literature review
1. Discusses best practice in integrated and ongoing care for the disease process identified.
2. Identifies linkages between community participation and health care service delivery.
3. Methods
1. Identifies services involved
2. Articulates methods used in collecting data e.g. process map, survey, observation
3. Shows evidence of team involvement and collaboration
4. Analysis of findings
1. Findings are clearly and objectively articulated.
2. Critically examines the findings with reference to best practice on managing the disease
process within an integrated care framework.
3. Considers findings in relation to financial and resource constraints of the service and the
4. Considers geographical, cultural, financial, social and human resource constraints in the
provision of care.
5. Successfully explains the ‘w and how’ of the main issues
6. Identifies gaps in the service delivery
7. Identifies embedded or implicit issues, addressing their relationships to each other
8. Rigorously evaluates all important evidence offered
EIT Faculty of Health Sciences | MN/PG8.404/MHS8.424 Ass 3 Project Proposal 2
Key Component Maximum
Marking Criteria
Increasing marks for comprehensive, logical and systematic approach
9. Provides new data or information for consideration
5. Planning
1. Recommendations are clear and ambiguous.
2. There is a clear link between recommendations and the supporting evidence.
3. Recommendations acknowledge and utilise the strengths of both service and community.
4. Identifies the multidisciplinary roles involved in care.
5. Identifies the role that nurses can play in co-ordinating and contributing to care.
6. Recommendations provide outline benefits to client, service and community.
7. A risk analysis is included.
8. A timeline for implementation is developed.
9. Clear communication and reporting lines are provided
10. Conflicts of interest and stakeholder requirements are clearly described.
11. The cost implications for applying recommendations are clearly discussed.
12. Procedures for evaluation are included.
6. Marks will be given to critical thinking that is
evidenced throughout assignment 10
1. Seeks to understand concepts by examining openly own experiences in the past as they
relate to the topic, to illustrate points
2. In-depth synthesis of thoughtfully selected aspects of experiences related to the topic.
3. Makes clear connections between what is learned from outside experiences and the topic
4. In addition to explaining how/why/which methods are typically used, also describes
embedded methods and possible alternative methods of working on the problem
5. Not only formulates a clear and precise personal point of view, but also acknowledges
objections and rival positions and provides convincing replies to these
Final Mark 100

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