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assignment : comparision of balanced score card with six sigma
which is better and why?
Section 1. Introduction/Purpose
Why are you writing this report? What is the question you are trying to answer?
an executive summary and a good literature review
Section 2 to Section 6 - (for example – may be section 5, 7, 9, etc.)
Various sub-headings
What can you establish from what others have written on this topic?
How have they approached it? What methods have they used? What the
common themes that emerge? What are the unresolved issues?
Section 7. Conclusion
Conclusion type A – you find there is a solution or resolution in the
articles you have studied
Conclusion type B – there is a partial resolution, but you cannot find
a solution in what you have studied and you propose some empirical
research should be undertaken. The empirical research may be
Document analysis – company reports, government reports etc.
Survey – what type? How?
Interviews – with whom? Why?
Check – have you answered your research question? If not, have you
shown what needs to be done to answer your research question?
number of words : 5500 without references
number of articles and references 25 to 30

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