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CIS8100 Assignment 4 PROJECT (FINAL) & REPORT
Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Word limit Due date
Assignment 4 100 55 5000 5 June 2015
Learning objectives and graduate skills tested
1. demonstrate an understanding of the key drivers and challenges faced by digital enterprises that include infrastructure, business processes, social media, consumer behaviour and global markets and firms (Problem solving)
2. demonstrate the ability to research and critically evaluate existing, new and emerging technologies to gain an understanding of their business application for transforming digital enterprises (Academic, professional and digital literacy)
3. demonstrate the practical skills required to formulate and evaluate a coherent strategy for a digital enterprise, develop a functional business website based on this strategy and document and critically evaluate the end-product (Problem solving).
4. demonstrate the ability to write effectively in a clear and concise manner in report style for senior management (Written and oral communication)Assignment 4 specifications
This Assignment 4 builds on the research and analysis conducted for your proposed e-commerce strategy and preliminary prototype e-commerce built in Assignment 2. Assignment 4 consists of THREE tasks.
TASK 1 – Assignment 4 Journal
In this task you are required to maintain a journal that lists, describes and reflects on the activities and research associated with from the start to completing Assignment 4. You submit the completed journal as Task 1 of this assignment 4.
(10 marks)
TASK 2 – Prototype E-commerce website
Develop and populate the prototype e-commerce website for which you prepared a strategic analysis and preliminary prototype e-commerce website using Joomla in Assignment 2 based on the business model and category assigned to you in Assignment 2.
Your e-commerce website should contain, at a minimum, the following functionality:
1. An aesthetically pleasing, easy- to-use interface
2. A product catalogue
3. A shopping cart
4. An order form and payment interface
5. Customer registration
6. Discussion forum
7. Business policy statements on security, privacy, confidentiality and refunds and returns
In building your prototype e-Commerce website using Joomla!3 make use of one or more of following online resources: a(1) Knowledge base for Joomla!3 , and (2) Joomla! 3 explained : your step-by-step guide / Stephen Burge and companion website (can be purchased as a Kindle Edition, ebook or in hard copy) (3) or (3) Joomla! 3 by Richard Pearce and any other related Joomla! resources which you identify as useful for completing this assignment.
Task 2 will be assessed for completeness and working functionality based on an inspection of your e-commerce website (you are required to provide the URL of the Joomla!3 website that was assigned to you for Assignment 2 and Assignment 4).
(50 marks)
TASK 3 – Business Case Report for your e-commerce strategy

You are required to provide a business case for the e-commerce strategy you implemented for your organization and reflect on your experiences and insight arising from the development of the accompanying e-commerce website in terms of the following:
1. Describe the e-commerce website features and functionality that have been implemented in Task 2. (500 words approx.)
2. List any additional features incorporated in your website over and above the specified requirements (200 words approx.)
3. List any essential features not implemented in your e-commerce website and describe any major deviations from your original plans outlined in Assignment 2 (400 words approx.)
4. Describe the features that are likely to be implemented in your e-commerce website in the next phase of the development process to further enhance the usability and functionality of your e-commerce site, and how you would use the Joomla CMS to facilitate this (400 words approx.)
5. Provide a site map of your e-commerce website in the form of a tree diagram that shows hierarchical structure of your e-commerce website.
6. Briefly describe and reflect on the challenges encountered in using Joomla! as the development environment for your e-commerce website (400 words approx.)
7. Describe how you will address security and privacy issues in your e-commerce website (500 words approx.)
8. Describe how you will address backend system integration and legacy system issues associated with your e-commerce website (500 words approx.)
9. List and briefly describe the hardware and software required to establish your e-commerce website as a live and fully functional entity, and provide a table of the estimated costs (hardware, software, human resources, ongoing maintenance, etc.) (400 words approx.)
10. Provide and justify a plan for a live implementation of your proposed e-commerce web site including a prioritised timeline in a table (400 words approx.)
11. Identify and describe the expected benefits that will arise from implementing your e-commerce website (400 words approx.)
12. List and briefly describe how you used any online resources (include url links) to research and build your e-commerce site for this assignment (400 words approx.)
(40 marks)
Submission Requirements
Your solution
Your solution should conform to the guidelines laid out in Summers, J & Smith, B 2010, Communication skills handbook, 3rd edn, John Wiley & Sons, Milton, Queensland.
Originality of submission
•?This assignment must be the expression of your own work. It is acceptable to discuss course content with others to improve your understanding and clarify requirements, but solutions to assignment questions must be done on your own. This also means that it is not sufficient to merely paraphrase the entire assignment content from a textbook or other source. Your assignment answers need be a reflection and synthesis of your research of the associated topics. This should be evident from the use of the references listed in your report in the body of your report to support argument and discussion presented for Task 3 Business Case report.
•?You need to demonstrate your understanding of associated topics for each assignment. You must not copy from anyone, including tutors and fellow students, nor provide copies of your work to others. Assignments that do not adhere to this requirement will be deemed as being the result of collusion or plagiarism. This may lead to severe academic penalties as outlined in Academic Regulation 5.10 of the USQ Handbook. It is your own responsibility to ensure the integrity of your work. Refer to the Faculty of Business policy for further details.
•?An indiscriminate overuse of incorrectly referenced or cited web pages in your assignment will result in poor marks.
Late submission of assignment work
Late assignments will be penalised unless permission has been granted by the course leader BEFORE the assignment due date. Late assignments may be penalised by reducing the allocated mark by 5% per day late.

Other submission requirements
1) Formatting
a. Page size should be A4. Allow for TOP MARGIN – 2.5 cm; BOTTOM MARGIN – 2.5 cm; SIDE MARGINS – 2.5 cm
b. Major headings should be in upper case, 14 point Times New Roman Bold
c. Minor headings should be in lower case, 12 point Times New Roman Bold
d. Body text should be formatted to 12 point, Times New Roman
e. Use single or one and half line spacing
2) The file naming guidelines are as follows:
a. It is important that you use this convention to ensure that assignments can be tracked: Familyname_studentnumber_CIS8100_A2_XXXXXXXXX
b. Replace ‘familyname’ with YOUR family or surname
c. Replace ‘studentnumber’ with YOUR student number (which starts with ‘00’)
d. Replace ‘XXXXXXXXXX’ with
i. Task 1 (Excel Spreadsheet File)
ii. Task 2 and Task 3 (Word Document)

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