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Description/Focus: Case Analysis REPORT
Value: 45%
Due date: Friday week 12
Length: 3,500 words (excluding cover sheet and appendices)
Task: This research assignment is a case analysis and should consist of a written report
of 3,500 words addressing the requirements, as outlined below.
Requirements: Your text contains a case study in Chapter 13 on the Chrysler Company and
NASA. You are required to focus only on the NASA Challenger Disaster and
disregard the Chrysler Company section.
You are then required to research the Challenger Disaster and also the
subsequent Columbia Disaster (not in the case study).
Students are required to critically analyse both disasters and the decisions NASA
made and
? Compare and contrast the two disasters
? Identify how the decision-making process contributed to the failure of both
? Determine what lessons NASA had or had not learned from the Challenger
Disaster; changes they had implemented prior to the Columbia Disaster and
discuss the appropriateness of those decisions.
? Use the determining factors in the Trull and Bay Area studies to make your
own assessments of strategic decision failure for the two disasters
? Recommend what management at NASA should do subsequent to the
Columbia Disaster in order to achieve strategic decision success in the
Preparation: ? A sound understanding of all chapters of the text will provide the foundation
for this assignment. Students are to base their analysis on the concepts,
theories and frameworks studied throughout this unit.
? Students are to make use of a wide range of scholarly resources to support
their discussion and recommendations and reinforce or support an
Presentation: ? Assignments are to be typed, 1.5 lines spacing, and 12-point font. An
Assignment Cover Sheet must be attached and can be downloaded from
Learnline, under Assessments Area.
? Students are to use the CDU Harvard referencing system, available at
? In-text citations are included in the word limit. The reference list is not
included in the word limit.
? Written Presentation: 5 marks
Report format used, neatness, layout, correct spelling and punctuation,
grammar, consistency of formatting and font size, and readability.
? Integrated Discussion of Topic 35 marks
Students clearly demonstrate a good understanding of the topic based in
relevant decision-making theory and present their ideas/views in a balanced,
supported manner with a well-integrated and complex style.
? Research and Referencing 5 marks
Good research skills demonstrated through the use of 'peer reviewed' journal
articles or appropriate reference articles/texts considered of high academic
Correct referencing in-text and in the reference list.
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