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CIS8004 – Semester 1, 2015
Major Report 1 & 2 Specification
Major Report 1 Specification
You have been hired as an Information Systems consultant to examine Indian
Railways Information Systems – specifically The Reservation System. The Indian Railways come with East, West, North, South and Central Zones and serves over 50 million passengers daily. The reservation services include initial query about seat availability, booking, confirmation, cancellation, and a myriad of associated services.
The Railway Board has undergone some major changes in membership recently, and this has generated new thinking to modernise the Railways. The Board is keen to se efficiency in almost all aspects and as the Reservation System is a major interface between the public and Railways, would like to see higher levels of efficiency in this domain.
Your task is to develop a Business Systems Plan (with full justification as to how these are applicable to the organisation) so as to accommodate comprehensive mobile access to various reservation services provided by the Railways. Your task is to develop a planning document that details how a mobile access system can be comprehensively implemented. You can use your imagination but MUST address the following:
1. Any potential customer of the Railways must be able to securely access all information aspects pertaining to services offered using a variety of mobile devices.
2. The planning should involve provision for security, privacy and other user and organizational concerns.
3. Your planning should identity the various security configuration options available on the market.
4. The planning should include consideration of various operating systems needed for this implementation, and these should be properly segmented and structured.
5. The planning should also indicate a provisional list of expense items. You don’t have to provide a costing now, as this will be done in the second assignment.
You will prepare a planning document, in the form of a report, considering the Railways Reservation System, on how the above aspects can be accommodated. The planning document is a report covering all aspects stated above in a succinct manner. You have been given a word limit of 1500 words (excluding references). You must state your assumptions clearly and validate the stated assumptions through proper literature search. You may use any format for the report. The Internet provides many examples of Executive Type reports, and you are encouraged to search for samples that suit your needs.
Major Report 2 Specification
This is a follow up from Major Report 1. Railways is comfortable with your planning and they have asked you to implement your suggest plan. As part of the implementation, you will develop the following:
1. ICT infrastructure required to implement your plan
2. A comprehensive costing schedule along with appropriate justification.
Your documentation will highlight how you plan to assure security aspects as customer details need to be secured. Otherwise, the Railways will be subjected to legal prosecution. Therefore, you need to verify your design concept carefully, accommodate appropriate testing protocols, and a comprehensive schedule for quality assurance.
Railways at this stage is not interested in actual development. They want only an implementation strategy and how this implementation can be accomplished successfully.
Your research should be presented in the form of a written report, with a maximum word limit of 1500 words. References are not included in this word limit. You must state your assumptions clearly; validate the stated assumptions through proper literature search. You may use any format for the report. The Internet provides many examples of Executive Type reports, and you are encouraged to search for samples that suit your needs.
Submission Notes for Major Reports 1 & 2
1. You are encouraged to see other countries’ railway websites to get an idea as to how the reservation system is used;
2. The word count allows for a variation of 5%. The markers will stop reading beyond this, and any information provided beyond the word limit is ignored.
3. You assume the responsibility to assure the report you are producing is of high quality, including plagiarism and collusion checks. You NEED NOT have to produce plagiarism report with the assignment. However, the markers will undertake these checks (using any tools that you have access to), and if any integrity issues are found, you will be awarded a score of zero, and the work will be referred as ‘Academic Misconduct’.
4. Please package the report as a PDF version.
5. The assignment website will be closed after three working days so that they can be distributed to markers.
6. Any queries regarding these assignments will be closed two working days before the submission date.
Word limit: 1500 words (The markers will stop reading beyond this)
TURNITIN report: The system will automatically check each assignment for plagiarism. As a general rule, less than 15% similarity is acceptable.
Digital file naming convention
For all assessment items digital file naming convention: When you have an assessment item you need to upload digitally, please use the following naming convention when saving your digital document: (If you do not follow this you will lose marks)
Student last name_assignment #_CIS8004_Student USQ ID
For example, the first assignment for CIS8004 submitted by Poul Moller, student # 005890420163. If I (Mr. Poul Moller) were uploading this assessment item, file would be named as follow:

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