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Subject: Human Factors.
Major: Aviation.
Write a report of approximately 3000 words on the following topic and submit your work, typed or word processed with 1.5 line spacing.
General Introduction:
Pavlovian Airlines has negotiated with the Federal Government of Australia to operate a commercial airline in Australia. Unlike most airlines within Australia, Pavlovian Airlines does not include a Human Factors program for its aircrew or other employees. Other airlines within Australia contend that due to the fact that no Human Factors program is provided for employees, allowing such an organisation to operate in Australia would pose an unacceptable risk for the safety of the organisations employees and the general public. CASA (civil aviation safety authority) is supporting the above claim and has brought the matter to the High Court for resolution.
You are part of a group representing Pavlovian Airlines and you and your colleagues must develop a valid argument to support your claim to operate in Australia.
According to your financiers, the economic position of Pavlovian Airlines is such that the introduction of a Human Factors program at this stage would be impossible.
Australia has just sent a large business delegation to Pavlovia to finalise a large number of commercial contracts.
You are to write a report in three parts:
Part 1: You are representing Pavlovian Airlines and you must develop a valid argument to support your claim to operate in Australia.
Part 2: You are representing CASA and you must develop a valid argument to support your claim that health and safety of aircrew and other employees of Pavlovian Airlines as well as the general public would be placed at risk should the organisation be permitted to operate within Australia. You will need to investigate the current regulations on human factors to prepare for this report.
Part 3: You are a member of the High Court of Australia with the aim of determining whether CASA has sufficient evidence to proceed with an injunction to prevent Pavlovian Airlines from operating in Australia. Your decision will be determined by the: Quality of the arguments; and the Quality and relevance of the evidence provided. Please note it is not sufficient to quote the regulations, you need to demonstrate that there is a case for or against having a human factors program.
The most important aspect of this assignment is for you to demonstrate an understanding of human factors and its “real world” application. Evidence must be given for any statements or claims made in support of your argument(s).
References and quotations must be acknowledged in the conventional manner (Harvard Referencing System).

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