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HI6006 Competitive Strategy Tri1 2015
Guidelines for Group Assignment 2
Written document: A short report
Marks: 20
Report Due: Week 11 (Both soft and hard copies by 5 pm on FRI)
Words limit: 2000
• Students need to research and identify 2 to 3 companies from the following 2 or 3 industries to apply “AAA” framework:
- Car Industry
- Beer Industry
- Steel industry
- Pharmaceutical Industry
- Food industry (processed food)
- Manufacturing of heavy equipment
• Each member needs to bring two journal articles on the company/industry and explain how this company has been pursuing some or all the elements of this “AAA” framework.
• Has this company been successful or not successful in pursuing their business by using this framework?
• In conclusion – Your comments !

• Every member needs to submit 2 articles each with their assignment (optional if the articles are long)
• Assessment criteria have been given in the subject outline.
• References Harvard style