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Word count/duration: 1000 words
Due Date: Week 10 Friday 1st May 2015, 1700hrs (electronic submission through Turnitin)
Submission details: Refer to Submission Requirements (p.15)
Marking Criteria and Standards: See page 11
Aim of Assessment
This assessment task will develop your knowledge of the function and importance of healthy body systems in an adult. It focuses on the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system, aspects that maintain a healthy cardiovascular system as well as factors associated with changes in this system. Skills being developed are researching, writing, referencing and presenting information in a clear and concise written format. This task aims to develop an understanding of the cardiovascular system and the importance of maintaining a healthy body. This assessment meets Learning Outcomes 1 to 5 (Learning Outcomes are described on page 6).
Answer the following four (4) short answer questions:
The flow of blood through the heart and body is driven by contractions of the heart chambers. These contractions are activated by the cardiac conduction system.
Q1. Describe the components and conduction pathway of the cardiac conduction system of the heart.
Relate the cardiac conduction system to the corresponding sequence of heart chamber contractions (10 marks) (400 words)
Q2. Trace the pathway of oxygen delivery to cells in the body (commencing at the alveoli until it reaches tissue cells) (5 marks) (200 words)
Q3. Describe one normal age-related change to the anatomy of the cardiovascular system in healthy elderly adults (over 65 years). Describe how this change affects the function of the cardiovascular system. (5 marks) (200 words)
Regular exercise provides benefits to maintaining the health and wellbeing of the cardiovascular system.
Q4. Describe one effect regular exercise has in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system (5 marks) (200 words)
• Each question should be answered separately and not as an essay.
• At least one of the following journal article(s) must be used in this assessment:
Fleg, J. L., & Strait, J. (2012). Age-associated changes in cardiovascular structure and function: A fertile milieu for future disease. Heart Failure Reviews 17(4), 545-554.
Bolton, E., & Chakravarthi, R. (2011). The ageing cardiovascular system. Reviews of Clinical Gerontology 21(2), 99-109.
• A maximum of two (2) relevant, credible internet sources may be used.
• All answers must include in-text references and a reference list must be included at the end of the assessment. The reference list and in-text references are not included in the word limit.
• Reference style used will be the American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style guide 6th edition.
i. Examples may be available on the vUWS site. ii. There are a number of textbooks and resources available through the UWS Library that may assist you. Please refer to the unit’s vUWS site for specific unit resources

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