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ASSESSMENT ITEM 3: Case study project
Unit weighting: 30%
Due date: For equity reasons assessment 3 will be due according to your tutorial pattern:
• Students allocated to a week 4-7 tutorial group: By close of assignment minder
Sunday 17th of May 2015.
• Students allocated to a week 7-11 tutorial group: By close of assignment minder
Sunday 14th of June 2015.
Length: 2500 words maximum (excluding references).
Task requirements: This assessment builds on assessment items 1 and 2. This written
assignment requires you to critically analyse the clinical management of your case study. It
is designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to apply
knowledge and clinical judgement to manage a complex clinical situation, justify your
approach with research evidence, and reflect on the implications for your future nursing
Your essay should (with approximate word limits):
• Briefly introduce the case study and its significance. Identify up to 2 clinical priorities
based on assessment item 2 that will be the focus of this essay (200 words).
• Critically analyse the nursing and/or collaborative interventions used to manage the
patient’s clinical priorities, drawing on evidence-based literature such as relevant
clinical guidelines or systematic reviews (1500 words).
• Draw conclusions about the clinical management of this patient and critically reflect1
on the implications of this learning experience for your future nursing practice (800
• Attach a revised case study abstract as an appendix and a complete SafeAssign
Format of assignment: Your assignment should be written in essay style2 and prepared with:
• Single-sided printing
• 3 cm margins on all sides, double-spaced text
• Times new roman, font size 12
• QUT APA style referencing (see
• Headings can be used to structure your assignment logically
While there is no specific number of references required for this assignment, as a guide you
should have cited at least 15–20 journal articles.
1 Pages 9-13 in Levett-Jones (2013) explores questioning assumptions and beliefs and provides some
helpful examples of this style of writing.
2 It is appropriate to use first person in the reflective component of your essay only.
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Late submission of assignments: Assessment submitted after the due date without an
approved extension will not be marked and will receive a mark of zero. Please be aware that
an assignment submitted even 1 minute after assignment minder closes will receive a mark
of zero. If special circumstances prevent you from meeting the assessment due date, you
can apply for an extension. If you don’t have an approved extension you should submit the
work you have completed by the due date and it will be marked against the assessment
Please read the late assessment and extension policy here:
SafeAssign: You must attach a SafeAssign report to your final assignment or it will not be
marked by your tutor.
Very important point: You must maintain patient confidentiality when completing this
assessment. Any patient data used must be de-identified so that the patient remains
Grading and feedback: CRA feedback will be provided within approximately a 3 week period
as per QUT policy.
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