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Your task is to write a 2,500 words report on the following topic. An appropriate report structure must be used. Also see referencing requirements at the end of the assessment item.
Case Study:
Students are required to complete a project proposal.
Students are not required to create the website. The report has to contain all the neccesary information to develop this project if any time the project becomes real.
An education consulting firm would like to develop a career oriented website for guide them for higher education in Australia. The website should contain all the relevant information such as listing of Universities, subjects in various Degrees and their eligibility, acceptance criteria, fees, visa procedure etc.
Based on the case study above, write a report (2500 words) and answer the following questions:
Your Project proposal should contain:
1. Overview: Short summary of the objectives and scope of the project, also include: Project name, description, and sponsor’s name.
2. Roles and responsibilities: Team members, their roles, responsibilities, contact details etc.
3. Purpose of the project: Limitations/problems associated with current system
4. Work breakdown structure: Tasks to be performed, duration, responsible team member
5. Stakeholder analysis: name and organization of stakeholder, their role in project, level of interest, suggestions for managing relationship.
Your answers to these questions must be justified and supported.
All assumptions must be clearly stated.
All material sourced and used in answering these questions must be fully referenced in accordance with Faculty guidelines.
This assessment has been designed to allow you to demonstrate your ability to:
Identify the responsibilities of a project manager when participating in a real world project;
Define the role of management in projects, particularly from the view point of the practitioner as a member of the project team;
Apply project management skills, methods, techniques and tools to a real world problem typical of a project manager;
Explain areas of knowledge relevant to project management; and
Discuss the many problems facing the project manager and to note the -best practices- being utilised in order to produce effective, efficient and quality projects on time and within budget.

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