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Individual Assignment – Short Essay
Provide your thoughts (based on research evidences and observations) in the form of a short essay (800 words) on any one of the following statements.
1. Is the consumer decision making process a fact or fiction?
2. Is mass marketing a viable way to grow a brand?
Following is a broad overview of the structure of a short essay. However, please note that this is not a set structure and you can feel free to vary from it. It is just for a sense of direction.
Your short essay should include an introduction, where you would discuss the statement, the extent to which you agree or disagree, and an overview of how the arguments are presented in the rest of the essay.
The second major part of a short essay is the body of the essay where your discussion should include a) your thoughts along with support from research and/or specific example b) some theory ( i.e. The statement relates to which concept(s) and how) and c) examples and situations where the statement holds true or does not hold true or generalizability of the statement.
The final section is the conclusion, where you make a concluding statement based on the arguments and discussions presented. You should also aim to include some thoughts on the managerial implication (i.e. how this information or discussion is useful and actionable for managers).
Some guidelines and additional information
1. The number of articles selected for review may vary between 2 and 6 inclusive.
2. You should not try and summarize articles.
3. Use them to support your thoughts and arguments and highlight debate
around the statement that you are addressing.
4. You must reference the articles that you have selected following Harvard
Referencing Guide.
5. There is no particular structure of your write-up. Nevertheless, subheadings
are recommended for clarity.
6. The word limit is 800 words. If you are above the limit to some extent, about
20%, it is fine.
7. Assignments must be submitted through FLO. There is a folder on flo for the
assignment submission.
Your work will be assessed based on:
1. The ability to build a discussion based on the theories and concepts discussed in the class.
2. The ability to build a discussion based on the articles and research evidence.
3. The ability to provide analytical views.
4. Clarity of thoughts and expressions.
5. Practical and actionable managerial implication.
6. Succinctness of the write-up.
7. Ability to provide a debate around the statement.
8. Use of proper examples to demonstrate understanding.