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A company gets income by having two kinds of activities: the ones thru which you will find mixed or customized the elements in products whose purchase value is exceptional to the value of the manufacturing and actions which lead to revenue thanks to the value progress of the elements from the firms. The involved choices by these two actions are so unique that, there isolating is not avoidable so as to value the value of the controlling choices. It has to accessible an obvious variant among the modify of the value cause from improvement and customize of the value which turn up as time goes by. At the time this change is no more so obvious. Even more components are assessed in affordable value, and the profits obtained following the enhance of the sources value, as the case of property investment methods, scientific resources are offered in the earnings from current actions.

The invest in any reference is considered a enough financial dedication provided that the revised value of the treasury forthcoming moves developed by its use is outstanding to the modified value of upcoming cashing developed by the alternative use of the amount which would be obtained, at the time, by advertising the reference. No concern how set the goal to apply source for a extended time, it is practical for the resource to be advertised and spent in one more, when it is found opportunity of outstanding profitableness. As a result, the products are not bought not only to advantage from the proportion, but also to advantage from the predicted changes of the common or comparative costs. The complete earnings consist of the outcome founded in the income and reduction account along with other profits and failures permitted directly in the value. Other comprehensive income consists of products of earnings and costs that are not recognized in the income or loss account as required or allowed by other IFRS.

The aspects of other comprehensive income are made of changes in revaluation extra actuarial income and downfalls on explained advantage plans profits and failures coming up from transforming the financial reports of an international operation gains and failures on re measuring available-for-sale economical resources the effective allowance of profits and failures on securing equipment in a cashing. We ask ourself what was the factor for which FASB eliminated these profits and losses from the income and decline account? We think about that the reaction includes the existence of a more than doubled strategy to determine the result: present managing idea and all inclusive idea. According to present managing idea in the revenue and reduction account there are included only the backlashes of the functional, typical, actions of the interval, and they overview on the value, the features which do not focus on the production. The production features are considered as regular, which allow the programa of the company’s forthcoming actions. The partisan of the effectiveness assessment based on the lead controlling idea, generally evaluate the managers’ efficiency, keeping restrictively only the elements managed by them. According to all comprehensive idea all the factors which effect the boost or loss of the value throughout the interval, excepting the submission of returns or reduces of investment by distributing to the investors or partners, respectively their involvement, is supposed to be to the area of figuring out the economical efficiency.

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